March 29, 2017


[:en]SUMMARY Shifting Address of Javanese society in Tamanagung village, district Cluring, Banyuwangi; Siti Mutmainah, 120110201021; 2012; 118 pages; Indonesian Literature Department, Faculty of Humanities – University of Jember. Address is a word to say hello, to greet and to salute the second person or the other interlocutors (Chaer 2006:107). Addressing is one of cultural identities...
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[:en]The Discourse of Ahok`s Independency in Jakarta Gubernatorial Election: A Study of Appraisal; Siti Fitriah, 120110101077; 2016: 60 pages; English Departmen Faculty of Humanities, Jember University. The research analyses about the discourse of Ahok`s independency which    is announced at 7 of March 2016. Ahok`s independency occurs because of the dissatisfaction of reform-minded young people who...
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[:en]The Use Of Jargon at Tawang Alun Bus Station, Jember (A Sociolinguistics Study); Sholehudin Aziz, 090110201002; 2016; 60 pages, Indonesian Departement Faculty of Humanities, Jember University   This research, the use of jargon at Tawang Alun Bus Station in Jember, is a qualitative research. There are three steps in this research method, (1) Data collection,...
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