March 1, 2017


[:en]SUMMARY   The Development of Tourism Sector in Bayuwangi Regency 2002-2013, Hisyam Arifal Fahad, 100110301022; 165 papers; 2016; History Department, Faculty of Humanities, University of Jember.   This thesis discuss about development of tourism sector in Banyuwangi and the effect of economics, social, and culture, the problem of this thesis is how is the tourism...
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[:en]SUMMARY   The Use of Interrogative Sentences in Madurese Language in Bârighâân Village, Panarukan Sub-District, Situbondo Regency; Heri Budiyono, 120110201063; 2016; 112 pages; Indonesian Literature Department, Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Jember.    Interrogative sentence is a sentence which is delivered to get an answer in the form of information, explanation, or statement. Interrogative sentence is...
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