March 3, 2017


[:en]SUMMARY   The Appraisal of Bias and Power as Expressed in Several Indonesian News Articles about Indonesia New House Speaker Inauguration; Ismi Kuntum Zulaikha, 120110101039; 2016: 88 pages; English Department Faculty of Humanities, Jember University. This thesis deals with the investigation of the way Indonesian news articles, the Jakarta Post, in informing the issue about...
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[:en]SUMMARY The Use of the Word Greeting on Java Community in Jombang Village, Jombang Subdistrict, Jember Regency. Imarotus Saadah;120110201069; 2016; 105 pages; Department of Indonesian Literature Faculty of Humanities University of Jember.   The term of greeting words can be defined as utterances used to speak to someone, greet or call someone customarily as an...
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[:en]SUMMARY   The Intended Meaning of Deictic Expressions in Barack Obama’s First Inaugural Address of 20th January 2009; Ima Khairun Amala, 090110101097; 2016; 142 pages; English Department, Faculty of Humanities, Jember University.   The use of language may have different meaning. A speaker may mean something different of what the sentence means, or a speaker...
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