[:en]Anas Ma’ruf, S.S.   ABSTRACT   The linguistic aspects in communication strategy have big impact on increasing the level of electability of a presidential candidate during the campaign period. This situation is depicted in Jokowi’s successful presidential election campaign in 2014. This research elaborates high- and low-context of language, media, and culture of Jokowi in...
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[:en]Farid Esti Khoma ABSTRACT   Woman’s oppression is the social problem that happen in society. In the U.S society, woman’s oppression happens because the domination power of man. Domination power of man causes oppression toward woman through violence and discrimination. Oppression toward woman is not only physical oppression but also psychological or mental oppression. Woman’s...
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[:en]Farid Esti Khoma   ABSTRAK Penindasan terhadap perempuan adalah masalah sosial yang masih terjadi di dalam masyarakat. Pada lingkungan masyarakat Amerika, penindasan pada perempuan terjadi karena dominasi kekuasaan laki-laki. Dominasi kekuasaaan laki-laki menyebabkan penindasan terhadap kaum perempuan melalui kekerasan dan diskriminasi. Penindasan terhadap perempuan tidak hanya melalui fisik tetapi juga psikologi atau mental. Penindasan terhadap...
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