Existence of (GKJW) Sumberpakem Sumberjambe Jember from 1976-1999

Yuli Jullailah



Greja Kristen Jawi Wetan (GKJW)Sumberpakem is a church located in the village of Sumberpakem subdistrict Sumberjambe of Jember Regency which is officiallyfounded since the days of colonial Dutch Government exactly on July 23, 1882. The background of writing this thesis is the uniqueness owned by GKJW Sumberpakem. The church stands in the middle of Madurese people who are actuallyknown fanatic and tending antipathy to the new tenet as  Christian. However, it is the unique thing with such condition, the GKJW Sumberpakem can grow and develop becoming new social color in Sumberpakem village.

The writing of this thesis aims to find out the existence of (GKJW) Sumberpakem Sumberjambe Jemberfrom 1976-1999, explain various important events as well that occurred at that length of time. The problems that will be discussed in this thesis are (1) how is the congregation of GKJW Sumberpakem before the enactment of Alketab, (2) what factors cause new Alketab created in 1976-1999, (3) what is the impact afterAlketab is organized and printed out in GKJW Sumberpakem.

This thesis writing applies history method. The data are collected, first through direct interviews with competent informant such as  Pastor Eliezer Kaeden and several residents of  GKJW Church Sumberpakem and, second, through observation. Data supporting the problem are analyzed with interpretation using history facts, and then written as the problems to discuss and the objectives.

From observation research and interviews conducted with several people, then the following results are obtained: (1) the congregations of GKJW Sumberpakem before the publication of Alketab are very few, and the growing number of congregations tends to be stagnant and does not show a significant increase every year. (2) the factors that led Alketab just composed in 1976-1999 period was the difficulty of the process of interpreting from Netherlands to Madurese which took a qyuite long time. (3) After Alketab was published in Madurese, the number of congregations attended religious events in GKJW Sumberpakem increased. This is because the Gospel which is used at that religious event is the Madurese Gospel, the language used by most GKJW Sumberpakem.


Keywords: GKJW Sumberpakem, Madurese, Alketab.

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