The Composition of Point of Interest Using 50mm Fix Lens in Making a Documentary Film “Korong Keteran”

Yogi Mahendriya



Most of villagers in Dawuhan Mangli Village work as birdcase artisans. It is an interesting topic to make a documentary film. The uniqueness of the village is that the community members rely on birdcage making for their livelihood as they can survive through this job. This documentary film tells the story of creative industries, the process of filmmaking and Javanese mythology of doves. Of the phenomena, the filmmakers used composition theory of point of interest as the concept of shooting to visualize human interest of the community of Dawuhan Mangli Village and the creative process in the making of birdcages. The use of fix lens 50mm in the process of shooting was very helpful for composition theory of point of interest to generate details and sharp images, which made this work show the picture of the process of birdcage making from the early start; from cutting bamboo, drilling rattan, applying putty, painting (airbrush system) to finishing. The overall process is visualized by composition theory of point of interest in purpose of making the process of birdcage manufacture be the viewers’ focus of attention, which strongly supports style of expository directing that only provides argumentation.


Keywords: point of interest, 50mm fix lens, birdcage artisans, creative industries, Javanese mythology.


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