Yuyun Wahyuni   Abstract   The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears is a debut novel of Dinaw Mengestu that represents the condition of African diaspora in the United States. This novel is the portrayal of the difficulties faced by Ethiopian diasporic through the main character inside the story. This study aims to find out the...
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Laili Nadhifatul Fikriya   Abstract The Bonesetter’s Daughter is a diaspora novel by Amy Tan. This novel contains the story of a relationship between a Chinese immigrant mother Lu Ling and her American born Chinese daughter Ruth. This novel represents the difficulty of being the second generation of Chinese immigrant in America through the main...
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Abdul Aziz Yusuf   Abstract Through We Need New Names, Bulawayo exposes the crisis happened in Zimbabwe which triggers the migration of many Zimbabweans to South Africa or United States. She tells the difficulties undergone by immigrants in United States through Darling’s character, the main character of the novel. As an immigrant, Darling experiences a...
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