Land Conflict in Kalibaru Manis Village Regency Kalibaru District Banyuwangi 1999-2001

Miftachul Firdaus



This research is aimed to explain and analyze the development of land conflict that occurred in Kalibaru Manis village, Kalibaru district, Banyuwangi regency during 1999-2001. To know the development of the land conflict occurred in Kalibaru Manis village, sociology approach emphasizing on theory of conflict needs to be conducted. The problems discussed in the research are: (1) what Factors initiate the land conflict beween farmers of Kalibaru Manis village and the government, (2) How to conflict happens in Kalibaru Manis village, (3) How the government tries to settle the conflict and how the conflict affects the society of Kalibaru Manis village. The theory used in this research in the theory of collective behaviour. Metodologically, this research is hitorical research; therefore, the methods used are interview and document. The result show that there is dissaticfaction of the society toward goverenment policies. The goverenment decision is not in line with the society stance which eventually causes friction or misunderstanding between both sides that triggers conflicts. The society keeps trying to convince the right  policy for all. The goverenment policy which has  allowed the society to use the requested land has given very big impact on the society of Kalibaru Manis village. The society economy has inclined and walfare has been tasted in all levels of society although the goverenment policy does no give the land to be owned.

Keywords: Kalibaru Manis, Conflict, Society, Goverenmen

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