The Construction of Character Based on The Psychoanalysis Theory by Jacques Lacan in The Scenario of Diajeng



The Construction of Character Based on The Psychoanalysis Theory by Jacques Lacan in The Scenario of Diajeng; Febriyanti Pratiwi, 120110401069; 2016: 69 pages; Department of Television and Films Studies, Faculty of Cultural Science, Jember University.


Scenario is a script containing story or ideas which the presentation is designed to make it communicative and appealing to be presented in a film. The story idea in a scenario should have a structured content and story foundation so that it appears attractive and appropriate to be visualized in audio visual. The establishment of the story needs research and idea development which is later arranged into a balanced scenario.

The combination of the technique ofscenario writing and the story idea becomes his own trick to a scriptwriter to fit the story material into the proper plot. In creating the scenario as the final assignment, the writer used Jacques Lacan’s mirror stage psychoanalysis as the story foundation tailored to three-act screenplay writing technique in composing the plot and the storyline.

The separation of the acts and the film plot resembles to stages of the human psychology, so the psychoanalytic theory especially mirror stage is easily adapted for scenario writing method especially in constructing fictional narrative to a film. Like the human who experiences 3 stages of development, every character in the linier plot has to undergo three-act structure, namely setup, confrontation, and resolution.

The application of mirror stage psychoanalytic theory in movie storyplot is more interesting when the screenplay writer has the right to decide the conclusion of the story. It is certain that the screen writer must consider the causality logic from the structure of the narrative before deciding whether, at the end of the story, the writer has to take side with Id or Superego. At the end of the act, the writer maintained the desire of the character by taking Id aspect. This storyline was strengthened by how the character overcame the mirror stage and his ego which drove him to make decision according to the desire of Id aspect.

Diajeng scenario film was designed and adjusted to the mirror stage theory. This theory explained how a character in a fiction story develop and strive to meet his/her goal. Therefore, the writer would adapt this long stage into a film scenario. The overall of human’s mirror stage aspect will be summarized into an important life sequence of the main character in Diajeng movie scenario.

The three-actstructure with linier plot used by the writer could mold the design of the plot logically in a precise emotion and drama. Diajeng scenario film was composed as the representation of human phycologist in dealing the life problems by obtaining self-desire in the mirror stage.


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