The Education Dynamics of Wali Songo Islamic Boarding School in Mimbaan Sub-District, Panji District, Situbondo Regency, 1996-2013

Mohammad Taufik



This study is aimed at analyzing the education dynamics of Wali Songo Islamic Boarding School in Mimbaan Sub-district, Panji District, Situbondo Regency, 1996-2013, by using an education sociology approach. This Islamic boarding school is one of salaf boarding schools in Situbondo that has applied modern education system. Since the implementation of education modernization,  the number of students studying in the Wali Songo has increased. Many parents rely their children to study in this Islamic boarding school, because the charismatic figure of KHR Moh Khalil As’ad has become the leader of the Wali Songo, although some facilities have been incomplete yet and still in the developing process. Besides getting Islamic religious knowledge, their children also get modern knowledge. The existence of the Wali Songo has given socio-cultural and economic impact toward local communities. The socio-cultural changing can be seen through the socio-cultural could be seen through the surrounding communities who are more religious because KHR Moh Khalil As’ad always guides them to be obedient to their religion. Further, the economic impact of this Islamic boarding school is many local people maintain business around Wali Songo that can help improving their economic condition.

Keywords: dynamics, modernization, education, Wali Songo Islamic boarding school.