The Construction of Wonorejo Dam, Tulungagung Regency Since 1982-2002

Rodiatam Mardiyah



The construction of Wonorejo Dam was inspired by the importance of dam for flood control and irrigation in Tulungagung regency as well as water supply for Surabaya City. Its construction was carried out by the Directorate General of Water Resources within two periods: the first period was in 1982-1985, and the second period was in 1992-2002. The dam construction was once terminated in 1985-1991 due to funding problems. The process of Wonorejo Dam construction was made in several stages: (1) socialization, (2) land acquisition, (3) feasibility study and detailed designing, (4) construction. While the construction was in progress, changes were made in the original project plan; as a result, the completion was not in line with the target. After the construction was completed, Wonorejo Dam management was delegated to Perum Jasa Tirta (PJT), except for Hydroelectric Power Project, which was managed by Java-Bali Electricity Generation Project. This study utilized oral and written sources and photos to see the process.

Keywords: Wonorejo Dam, Flood, Water Supply, Land Acquisition, Electricity.