The Analysis of Impoliteness Strategies Found in Carnage Movie Script

Muhammad Ariz Dafiqi


This study is aimed to analyze the types of impoliteness and the factors that influence the use of impoliteness strategies in a movie script. The data source of this research are taken from a movie script entitled Carnage directed by Roman Polanski (2011) This study describes the types of impoliteness used by the characters in Carnage. This research uses qualitative method because the data of this research are in the form of utterances produced by the characters of Carnage. This research uses Culpeper’s theory of impoliteness strategy and theory of context to analyze impoliteness data found in the movie script. The results of this research show that there are five types of impoliteness strategies used by the characters in Carnage, they are: bald on record impoliteness, negative impoliteness, positive impoliteness, sarcasm or mock politeness and withhold politeness. The writer also found that there are three factors that influence the characters to use impoliteness strategy. The first factor is a conflict interest between the speaker and the hearer, the second is intimacy or closeness between the speaker and hearer and the last factor is power distance between the speaker and hearer.

Keywords: impoliteness strategy, Carnage, factor, speaker, hearer

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