Aesthetic Construction of Human Interactions with the State Symbols from Mise-En-Scene Aspect in Film Tanah Surga Katanya.


Arif Jainuri

Film is an art work that is closely related to the science of aesthetics, so it can be identified that in film there is beauty which is being built. Beauty in film affects the process of message transmission and depiction in the film. Based on the important role of the beauty of film, this research aimed to determine the aesthetic construction of human interactions with the state symbols in film Tanah Surga Katanya. Human interactions with the state symbols become substantial parts of the whole story in the film. The aspects that build aesthetic construction were studied from the mise-en-scene aspect, with aesthetic theory of A.A.M Djelantik as the primary theory analysis. The results showed that the mise-en-scene aspect in a film had an important role in conveying the depiction of human interactions with the state symbols clearly, naturally, and beautifully, so it was better accepted by the audience.


Keywords : Film, Mise-en-scene, Aesthetics, Interaction Symbols

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