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The Faculty of Humanities Jember University English Department

The Faculty of Humanities, Jember University English Department

Our department offers expertise in languages of the Asia-Pacific region, language in media and education and varieties of English spoken worldwide. We explore relations between language and culture, language and mind, language in social interaction, cross-cultural communication, and analysis of language structure, from sounds to grammar, meaning and texts.

Our graduates enter a wide range of careers. Examples include:


Community development officer

International relations and business


Government and non-government professional roles

Marketing and public relation officer

Translating and interpreting

Future Studies

Eligible candidates may proceed to the Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Honours), or apply for admission to a rich postgraduate program in the humanities and social sciences, comprising advanced learning and professional courses. Master’s degrees include capstone projects ranging from internships with government and non-government organizations in Australia and overseas, the gallery and museum sector, and leading media organizations, to opportunities for independent research projects which prepare students for higher degrees by research. Masters degrees can be taken in a variety of subjects by coursework, as well as research degree options.