Studying in “Sastra Inggris” is very amazing

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by: Leonorra Joliesse Nambinintsoanirina

There was a long time ago, I wanted to study abroad. Then Indonesia was the first country where I would like to study. At that time, it was like a dream. I would like to learn about Indonesian language, its cultures, mainly Indonesia customs. According to the history, Indonesia took a part of history of Madagascar because the ancestors of Malagasy people came from Indonesia, Malesia, Arabic…Therefore, there are several similarities between Malagasy language and Indonesian language such as “maty” in Malagasy language; it means “mati” in Indonesian language, “murah” means “mora” and so on. However, the way of writing is different but the pronunciation is the same. That is why, learning in Indonesia is my first choice, I would like to know more about Indonesia people, its language and its cultures.

I remember the first time when I came to Jember. I could not understand Indonesia language even one sentence. But the time goes on, I try to communicate with my friends, they are so friendly and help me if I have some difficulties about Indonesia language. So practicing is necessary for me. I also adapt different things because our cultures are not the same. Actually, I am able to adapt quickly the situation here such as here the weather is so hot than in my country and especially for the foods, I can eat spicy food. I am used to adding chili or “sambal” when I take my lunch or dinner and so on.

Staying in Indonesia during four years makes me more independent and more mature because I can manage my own life and I can differentiate the bad and good things. I mean I directly imagine the consequences of something before doing it. Then I take conscious that if we wish one thing, do not give up until we will realise it. Because if this thing is good for us, it will come to us maybe one second, one minute, one hour, one year or more than one year after our wishes. Therefore hopeful is useful in our life.

Studying in “Sastra Inggris” is very amazing because I get more knowledge during the beginning of my study until now.  All of lectures are very kind. I mean it is easy to communicate them and they are so close to me and the other students. My first impression is “wauuuu”. I have never seen that our lectures are so kind like that as one day I was forgotten to do my exercise, then I just told x that I cannot submit mine because….  and x said “it does not matter, you will submit it tomorrow”. But after that I always pay attention about my tasks. Therefore, our lecturers do not blame us if we make mistakes for the first time. They always give us the second chance. Then I never forget that our lectures are not only provided us knowledge but also they are taught us etiquette. Mainly each of them has their own method to teach us…

Thank God because without Him my life is nothing. I would like to send my gratitude to the following people: thanks to Drs M. Hasan MSc PhD and his colleges who allow me to study at Jember University. Next thanks to Dr. Hairus Salihin, M.Ed and his colleges who accept me to be among the student in the Faculty of Humanities too. Thanks to all lecturers who guide me from the beginning until the end of my study. Thanks to my lovely friends, thanks for being my friends and thanks to all person who work at Faculty of Humanities. I never forget all that you have given to me. May God bless all of you. Finally, I’m not perfect. I’m sorry and forgive me if there is something which made you angry or if I made mistakes. Thank you very much. Big hug and kiss.






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