The Meaning of Islamic Symbols on KukejarCintakeNegeriCina Movie


The Meaning of Islamic Symbols on KukejarCintakeNegeriCina Movie; Mega SaputriSeptialila, 120110401065; 2016;117 pages; Television and Film Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Science, the University of Jember.


KukejarCintakeNegeriCina movie is a romance- drama movie carrying religious theme released in 2014 directed by FajarBustomi. The movie is a romantic comedy bringing Islamic theme with simple plot and interesting comedic scenes. Audiences are entertained not only by the fascinating story but also by Chinese scenery and are informed about the abandoned historical facts of Islam in the past time. It becomes something attractive to discuss as the object of a research because through the meaning of Islamic symbols, the audiences can learn about good and meaningful Islamic values. The movie presents enlightenment, education, and friendly perspectives.


Employing the qualitative method and the semiotics approach by Roland Barthes, hopefully it could reveal the meaning of Islamic symbols. The researcher analyzes all audio-visual elements on KukejarCintakeNegeriCina movie as the object of the research. Roland Barthes’ perspective results to a process of relationship series of denotative meaning, connotative meaning, and myth. Then, cinematography element is also required for the movie to create visualization. Therefore, it can describe the meaning of Islamic symbols through stories and scenes performed. The technical aspect used by the research is the type of shot and angle. The aspect is part of cinematography elements. The cinematography elementssupport the film-makers in creating a romantic religious movie. The research uses the qualitative method through observation of participants and literature study.


The result of the research shows that the meaning of Islamic symbols agrees the values of Islam. Through the semiotics theory by Roland Barthes, we can find the meaning of Islamic symbols. The symbols on KukejarCintakeNegeriCina movie are seen from the aspect of story and scene performed, so they represent the way of Islam. There are several concrete examples about Islamic symbols on the movie, like Islamic syar’iclothes, the view of mosque, the love of humans to Allah SWT, the love of humans to each other, and tolerance in Islam.


For instance, muslims should wear syar’i clothes explained in holy Al-Qur’an and SunnahRasul in the form of Ijma’ and Qiyas. The view of mosque does not have to be dome-shaped because there is no order from Allah to do so. Mosques in Indonesia have various shapes. The love of humans to Allah can be about doing the order and avoiding the forbidden things. As muslims, we have to do shalat as love and direct communication to Allah. The love of humans to each other is shown from two lovers that soon should do engagement or khitbah. Islam does not forbid if it is also completed with Al-Qur’an because it is a reminder to do what Allah asks us to do. Tolerance is not only from human to human but also from an ornament representing tolerance. Like the view of Niujie mosque in China, there is a dragon ornament with its eyes closed meaning connotatively as the manifestation of tolerance by muslim Chinese society.