The Study on Implied Meaning of the Utterances of the Main Characters in The Amazing World of Gumball

Eka Rosiana Rais



This research talks about the flouting maxims as the result of applying implicature on the main characters’ utterances in The Amazing World of Gumball. This study concerns with the use of cooperative principle, the four conversational maxims, and the flouting of the maxims. The purposes of this research are; to prove that implicature and misunderstanding or misinterpretation not only happens in the real life, but also in the children’s animated television series and to show that although misunderstanding happened, the conversation will not stop. The type of research is qualitative research. Qualitative research will describe the data in detailed description. The data are collected by downloading it from the website. This study uses Grice’s cooperative principle and the four conversational maxims; quality, quantity, relation and manner (1975). The data are analyzed based on the Brown and Yule’s context of situation (1983). Context has an important role in interpreting the meaning of the utterances. The finding shows that the characters use implicature in their utterances and they have various reasons why they flout the maxims.

Keywords: context of situation, cooperative principle, flouts the maxim, implied meaning.

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