The Development Of Dairy Cows Bussiness in Dodol Hamlet, Wonoagung Village, Kasembon District, Malang Regency In 1999-2006

Kurnia Wati Eka Lestari



This thesis discusses the developement of dairy cows bussiness in Dodol Hamlet, Wonoagung Village, Kasembon District, Malang Regency since 1999-2006, studied from the economic and social aspects. The problems discussed in this thesis are: How was the original  condition of the community in Dodol Hamlet before the existence of dairy cow bussiness?; How was the developement of dairy cow bussiness in Dodol Hamlet since 1999-2006?;What were the impacts of dairy cow bussiness on people’s life from social-economic and environmental aspects?; The research aimed to determine the early condition of the community life. Historical method was used through some steps; heuristic, source critics (internal and external source), interpretation, and historiography. The results showed that dairy cow bussiness in Dodol Hamlet has existed since 1980, but only a few people managed the bussiness because of the economy in that time wasvery hard. Therefore, the most of people worked as labors. This livelihood existed until 1995. In 1991, the dairy cow bussiness was started to be favored and became people’s livelihood. The developement of dairy cow bussiness affected the social-economic and environmental aspect in Dodol Hamlet. The effects in the social aspect can be seen from the increase in children education, while inthe environmental aspect, many changes occurred in the conversion of the rice field functions from planting paddy to growing bulrush and the utilization of cow waste or dung to produce biogas. From this researh, it can be concluded that dairy cow bussiness chosen by people of the hamlet was used as the replacement of their previous livelihood (farming), and it was the correct choice and could bring drastic changes in the social-economic and environmental aspects.


Keywords: Development, Bussiness, Dairy Cows, Dodol Hamlet