Apology Strategy in Agatha Christie’s Black Coffee

Yeni Indah kristanti



This research investigates apology strategy in Agatha Christie’s Black Coffee. This research is aimed at classifying the apology strategy and at finding the different type of strategies performed by the characters in the novel. Then, the research will analyze why the characters use such kind of apology strategy in apologizing. Last, the research wants to know the factors which influence the apology strategies. This research uses descriptive-qualitative method in which the researcher describes the data in sentences based on the collected data. In collecting the data, the researcher reads the novel and codes the corresponding utterances which belong to apology and classifies them into the eight types of apology based on Trosborg taxonomy of apology strategy (1994). The theory applied in this research is apology theory proposed by Trosborg (1994) and Fraser’s (1981) theory about the factors influencing apology. The result of the study shows that the characters only perform five apology strategies out of eight types proposed by Trosborg (1994).

Keywords: pragmatics, apology, apology strategy, politeness.

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