January 5, 2017


Syaifullah ABSTRACT This thesis discusses the economic dynamics of coffee farmers in Kayumas village during 1999-2013. Kayumas village is one area of smallholder coffee plantations located on the slope of Mount Ijen. The smallholder coffee plantation in Kayumas village had always been developing, in terms of either the area or the number of farmers, especially...
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Siti Romlah abstract This article discusses the personal choice of female main character, Kirani, in Muhidin M. Dahlan’s Tuhan Izinkan Aku Menjadi Pelacur. The goal of this study is to show the dominant factor that influences Kirana for becoming a prostitute. By using a multicultural feminism perspective that emphasizes on the struggle of woman in...
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Leonorra Joliesse Nambinintsoanirina   Abstract The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain demonstrates the division of social classes in nineteenth century. He shows the two dominant classes such as bourgeois and proletariat. The bourgeois class is rich people with the mean of production and can get many workers. The proletariat class is poor...
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