A Study of Interruptions and Overlaps in the BBC Election Debate Done by Five Opposition Party Leaders of United Kingdom on 16 April 2015 from Gender Perspective




This study deals with conversational analysis which is focused on turn-taking irregularity; interruption and overlaps from gender perspective. The classification of interruption and overlap are based on the definition from West and Zimmerman (1975). Interruptions are violations and overlaps are misfires. The data are only interruptions and overlalps which are done by five oppoition party leaders of United Kingdon in the BBC election debate video on 16th April 2015. It will be analized by using combined theory from Yang (2003) and Muarta (1994). This study aims to find whether male or female who interrupts and overlaps more to dominate the debate and to find the reasons behind it. The mixed-method is applied in this study. The findings show that the one who dominate the conversation by interrupting is a female and the one who overlap most is a male. There are five reasons of interruption which are applied by both male and female. They are demand for new information and clarification, clarifying, giving strong opinion, disagreeing/rejecting, and wanting the floor. The reasons of overlaps which are applied by male are showing enthusiasm, clarifying, and expressing strong opinion. Whereas, females apply five reasons of overlap; showing enthusiasm, expressing supportive agreement, clarifying, expressing strong opinion and wanting the floor.

Keywords: Conversational Analysis, Interruptions, Overlaps, Gender, The Reasons of Interruption and Overlap