The Use of Linguistic Forms of Greetings in ‘Using’ Community in District of Rogojampi, Banyuwangi Regency

Name: Siti Maesaroh




Banyuwangi is a region that has many cultures and arts and is well-known for its local language called ‘Bahasa Using’ (‘Using’ Language). The native people of Banyuwangi are ‘Using’ people who are active users of ‘Bahasa Using’. This language is unique and interesting. There is no form of politeness called ‘krama’ in the language. However, it does not mean that the language does not have value of politeness. This can be found in greetings used by ‘Using’ people in their daily communication. The objective of this research was to describe the use of linguistic forms of greetings used by ‘Using’ people in Banyuwangi. The research used qualitative method and descriptive approach. The results showed that the use of linguistic forms of greeting in ‘Using’ people was affected by the speakers’ age, situation, location, activities, and intensity of meeting between the speakers and the hearers.


Keywords: Banyuwangi, ‘Using’, Language, Greetings

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