Conflict of Kampunganyar Village Head Election, District of Glagah, Banyuwangi Regency in 2007-2010

Wuri Windyati


This thesis discusses the conflict of Kampunganyar Village Head election, District of Glagah, Banyuwangi Regency in 2007-2010. The problems in this thesis are (1) What prompted the conflict of Village Head election? (2) How did the conflict of Village Head election occur? (3) How was the conflict resolution of Village Head election? The research used theories of conflict and conflict resolution, and the method used was historical method consiting of five phases, that is, selection of topics, heuristics, criticism of sources, interpretation and historiography. Village Head Election is one form of democracy at local level. However, in its development this event is often colored with conflicts that make the conditions inconducive. As what happened in Kampunganyar Village, coming closer to Village Head Election 2007, the village was in an unstable condition. At the time, the office of Kampunganyar village head was burnt by some citizens. This burning was related to the dissatisfaction of the process of election preparation that would take place in September. The democratic process at local level, especially in village, is very dynamic as it is seen in the process of village head election. The emergence of Conflicts in Kampunganyar Village head election describes the very dynamic democratic process at village level.

Keywords: Competition, Conflicts, and Pilkades

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