A Genetic Structuralism Analysis on Racism in Octavia Butler’s Kindred



A Genetic Structuralism Analysis on Racism in Octavia Butler’s Kindred;Lailatul Khusnia; 120110101052; 2016; 63 pages; English Department, Faculty of Humanities, Jember University.


This research tries to analyze racism world view which is portrayed by Octavia Butler in her novel Kindred through the structure in the novel and the structure of the society. The structure in the novel is the interaction between the main character and the other characters, the characters with the environment. Meanwhile, the structure of the society is the relationship between human and the environment. There are three goals in this study. The first is to get the description about racism in the novel. Second is to find the racism construction in American society during 19th century. The third is to find the world view as it is presented in the novel. This study uses genetic structuralism theory by lucien Goldmann to find the world view and American social structure in 19th century. The primary data are information and facts related to racism taken from novel. Meanwhile, secondary data are facts and information about American society condition in 19th century gathered from journal article, books, and internet. By appliying genetic structuralism theory, I analyze the facts about racism that are practiced by some characters in the novel. In consideration to find the world view, the analysis is continued to Octavia Butler’s thought depicted in the novel and completed with socio-historical context about a condition of America in 19th century. The result of this research shows the life of characters in Kindred  represents the life of people in America 19th century. Butler delivers world view of her class about racism. She highlights all of human being are created equal, there is no judgment based on race or skin color, and all people have the right of life and happiness.




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